Ensiferum is very sorry for the cancellation of the Haxentanz gig in Illingen (GER). Our guitar player Markus had to go to a hospital on the previous day in Switzerland and he had to stay in the hospital for a few days. At this moment Markus is doing fine and future gigs will be played as planned.




We want to thank the incredible audience, crew and bands Chthonic andInsania for a great tour. Special thanks goes to the audience in Pratteln´s Z7 club for understanding and to the staff for good work and great help. We salute you!



Gig news

Ensiferum plays a gig on 4.2.2008 at Helsinki icehall where the headliner is the legendary Megadeth.




In spring 2008 Ensiferum will perform at “Paganfest” –tour in Europe and for the first time in the band´s history in USA. Korpiklaani, Moonsorrow, Týr and Eluveitie will join in at the European part of the tour. In USA the tour continues with Turisas, Týr and Eluveitie. Gig dates and venues will be announced in “Tour info” as soon as possible.



Meiju Enho

Ensiferum has unfortunately suffered another member loss in the band as the band’s long-time keyboard player Meiju Enho decided to leave the band. The band expresses their regret for her decision to depart the band, but despite the break-up the band will victoriously go on!

You can read Meiju’s afterwords here

Emmi Silvennoinen from the band Exsecratus has been substituting Meiju from the beginning of this year (2007) and continues to act as the live/session keyboard player for Ensiferum until further notice.



Eastern Canadian tour

Ensiferum is finally crossing over the Atlantic Ocean to Canada and will do a small Eastern Canadian tour in November 2007. The tour dates and locations can be found at the TOUR INFO section.

Additionally there will be an European tour “Tour Towards Victory”(Part II) in December 2007, which is a follow-up to the tour made last spring.




Ensiferum esiintyy 16.6 lauantaina päivällä Myötätuulirockissa Vantaalla.



Victory Songs

Ensiferum's new album "Victory Songs" hit position #37 on the official German album charts on its first week of release!

On their home territory Finland these folk-metallers CD reached #6 on official album charts, and their newest single "One More Magic Potion" went straight to number one!

To celebrate the success of the Swordbearer, go to YouTube and check out their new music video "Ahti"! http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=SpinefarmRecords




Now it is offcial, Ensiferum is a star.

The Russian Ensiferum Fan Club has given th band a gift of astronomical proportions, as on their request the Russian International Star Catalogue Space Earth has denominated a star in the Ursa Major constellation after the Finnish metal band.

The star, located in

magnitude 15.3
Ascension [RA] 16 00 19.14
Declination [Dec] +66 52 06.1

was denominated Ensiferum on March 19th, 2007 by pilot-cosmonaut Gerrman Titov.

The denomination documents can be found here:




Forum is finally on-line, click here or press "messageboard" -button.



False Ensiferum gigs being advertised in Europe

Yesterday we received information that an European touring agency is still advertising their "No Mercy Tour" with Ensiferum marked as one of the performers.

The TRUTH however is that Ensiferum is NOT performing on the "No Mercy" tour.

When this agency first started advertising this tour, and us as one of the performers, they had not even asked us to take part in the tour. When we asked them what this advertising was all about, they then asked us for the tour but we could obviously not take part in it because we had already made other performing commitments for the same dates. For example Ensiferum will NOT play at the 013 in Tilburg, the Netherlands. In the Netherlands we are only playing at Rijssen and Zaandam.


To all Ensiferum fans who've bought a ticket to the "No Mercy"-tour, we recommend you to return your tickets immediately and ask for a refund. This is not a case of this agency just changing the lineup in the middle of the "No Mercy"-tour. Instead this is this the agency advertising bands that they never even had a performance contract or agreement with.

To see what Ensiferum's REAL, CONFIRMED GIGS are, please go and see the "Tour info"-section on our website www.ensiferum.com or follow ICS International's gig announcements in Metal Hammer Germany.




Victory Songs

"Yllättäen" "Victory Songs" julkaisua joudutaan siirtämään vielä kahdella päivällä eli perjantaille 23.3. Joten silloin kaikki levykauppaan, jotta One More Magic Potionin kaltainen listamenestys jatkuu ;)




Ensiferumin Markus ja Petri ovat vieraana SubTV:n Rautaryhmä ohjelmassa maanantaina 19.3.



Victory Songs

"Victory Songs" albumin Suomen julkaisua joudutaan taas siirtämään viikolla. Uusi julkaisupäivä on tällä hetkellä 21.3.07. Bändi ei kuitenkaan ole vastuussa siitä jos surkea levytehdas ei vieläkään onnistu levyjä toimittamaan.



Victory Songs

Valitettavasti "Victory Songs" -albumin Suomen julkaisua joudutaan taas siirtämään kahdella viikolla eteenpäin päivälle 14.3.07. Syy tähän on ensimmäisen painoksen epäonnistunut prässäys tehtaalla. Painos oli jo valmis kunnes se tarkistettiin ja todettiin vialliseksi. Bändi ja levy-yhtiö ei siis tapahtuneelle voi mitään.



Victory Songs

"Victory Songs" albumin Suomen julkaisu joudutaan siirtämään viikolla eli Kalevalan päivälle 28.02.07. Viikon viivästys johtuu levytehtaan myöhäisestä toimituksesta.




Uuden "Victory Songs" albumin ennakkokuuntelu on keskiviikkona 14.2. Inferno baareissa klo 21:00 alkaen. Vapaa pääsy!



Dear fans!

Due to contractual obligations, promotional deadlines and manufacturing delays, we have been forced to move the release of "Victory Songs" to the 20th of April 2007!

This is very unfortunate, and we're very sorry about the delay, but there's not much that we or our record companies can do to make this album hit the stores any earlier. If we could, we certainly would because we know that all of you are eager to get a listen to the new songs!

Despite this time-taking trouble, it's going to be one killer of an album and we hope that you will have the patience to wait just a little longer!

Wishing you all the best,

Suomen julkaisu pysyy edelleen helmikuun lopussa.



Please, read this and vote Ensiferum!

"Each year, www.MetalStorm.ee, the European Metal Webzine (with more than 800 000 single visits and more than 25 000 000 hits each month) is proud to present the Metal Storm awards. http://www.metalstorm.ee/awards/index.php

During a month, our readers will be able to vote for their favourite albums! (If they're not already a member of our community, they just have to register here http://www.metalstorm.ee/users/register.php and submit their votes! That's simple and of course totally free).

This year, Ensiferum is nominated in "The Best EP/MCD" category.http://www.metalstorm.ee/awards/categories.php?cat_id=26

p>The votes will be closed the 1st of March 2007.Good luck and remember that it's only the fans who will have the last word!

The Metal Storm staff,"




”Victory Songs” on pre-sale in new Ensiferum webshop!

New Ensiferum webshop is now opened. The new album ”Victory Songs” is now on a pre-sale. Merchandise selection will be updated as soon as new products are available.



Victory Songs

The new album ”Victory Songs” is completed, except the finishing of the cover art.

Here is the tracklist:

Ad Victoriam
Blood Is The Price Of Glory
Deathbringer From The Sky
One More Magic Potion
Raised By The Sword
The New Dawn
Victory Song

The Limited Edition version includes a bonus track “Lady in Black” and a bonus-DVD.

The Ensiferum Merchandise shop renews! For this reason NO NEW ORDERS WILL NOT BE TAKEN UNTIL THE NEW SHOP OPENS.

The new shop will begin accepting their orders by THE END OF JANUARY and can be found at the website http://www.fanzone.fi/ ensiferum (or by clicking the merchandise section on the Ensiferum website).

The renovation opens up new features and improvements, like increased paying methods with credit cards and others. There will also be new merchandise added in the shop soon after the renovation of the new shop.

For the last years Meiju Enho has been constantly balancing between the band, school and work and now we are granting her a little breather, so she can complete her schooling. That means that Ensiferum will be playing the next concerts with Emmi Silvennoinen, the synth player from the band “Exsecratus”



Ensiferum merchandise shop uudistuu!

Tästä syystä UUSIA TILAUKSIA EI OTETA VASTAAN ENNEN KUIN UUSI KAUPPA AUKEAA. Uusi kauppa aloittaa toimintansa TAMMIKUUN LOPPUUN MENNESSÄ ja se löytyy osoitteessa http://www.fanzone.fi/ensiferum (tai vanhaan tapaan likkaamalla merchandise saraketta). Uudistuksen jälkeen kaupan toiminta nopeutuu ja muutenkin paranee tuntuvasti mm. eri maksutapojen, kuten luottokortin mukaan tullessa. Uusia tuotteita tulee myös saataville mahdollisimman pian uudistuksen jälkeen.