Recording started

Ensiferum started the recording of the third full-lenght studioalbum in the first of November at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki. The Name of the third album will be “Victory Songs” and the producer of the album is Janne Joutsenniemi.

The band has also started to collaborate with Welldone booking agency. Teemu Suominen of Welldone will be taking care of the concert booking in Finland. This will increase the concerts in Finland, which has been few-numbered in the past. The concert booking in abroad is still being handled by ICS Festival Service.

Ensiferum will begin their next year’s tour with a small Finnish tour in January. More information of the gigs is found in the Tour Info –section.



Äänitykset alkoivat

Ensiferum aloitti ensimmäinen päivä marraskuuta kolmannen täyspitkän albumin äänitykset Sonic Pump Studiolla Helsingissä. Albumin nimeksi tulee "Victory Songs" ja sen tuottajana toimii Janne Joutsenniemi.

Bändi on myös aloittanut yhteistyön Welldone ohjelmatoimiston kanssa. Welldonen Teemu Suominen hoitaa tästä lähtien Ensiferumin Suomen konserttien myynnin. Näin tullaan jatkossa korjaamaan vähäiseksi jäänyt Suomen keikkailu. Ulkomaan keikkamyynnistä vastaa edelleen ICS Festival Service.

Ensiferum starttaa ensi vuoden keikat pienellä Suomen kiertueella tammikuussa. Keikoista lisää tietoa Tour Info -osiossa.




There seems to be rumours in the internet which claims that Ensiferum would be one of the performing acts in the coming year’s “No Mercy Fest 2007”. There has been even promotion advertising that this would be so. In reality Ensiferum does not appear on that particular tour. Either Ensiferum or the band’s official booking agency has nothing to do with this false advertising.

As a reminder: The recording of the third album will begin in November and the release date of the album is 21.2.2007. A taste of the album is available two weeks earlier 7.2.2007 in the form of a cd single.



Release date

Spinefarm Records has set a date for the release of the third full-length album. The date is 21.2.2007. The recording of the album will occur in the end of this year.




Ensiferum would like to thank the organizers and the crew for an outstanding Bloodstock festival.



10th Anniversary Live

Ensiferumin "10th Anniversary Live" DVD nousi julkaisuviikolla Suomen virallisen musiikki-DVD listan toiselle sijalle. Kiitoksia kaikille ostajille!

On it's debut week Ensiferum's "10th Anniversary Live" DVD climbed up the charts to the 2nd place of the Official Music-DVD chart in Finland.



Markus Toivonen

Ensiferumin kitaristi / laulaja Markus Toivonen on radiokanava YleX:n Todistaja X ohjelmassa vieraana torstaina 29.6. klo 21:00 ja uusintana lauantaina 1.7. klo 21:00. Ohjelmassa kuullaan Markuksen valitsemia levyjä, jotka ovat erityisesti vaikuttaneet häneen mm. Ensiferumin syntyä ajatellen.



10th Anniversary Live

The scheduled release date for Ensiferum's DVD "10th Anniversary Live" has been postponed by two weeks due to slow manufacturing process. The new release date is now 28.6.06. The DVD can be preordered from Levykauppa Äx (link below), or from the "Merchandise" section from the beginning of the release week.

Ensiferum "10th Anniversary Live" DVD:n kaavailtu julkaisupäivä 14.6.06 on siirtynyt kahdella viikolla eteenpäin hitaan valmistumisprosessin vuoksi. Uusi julkaisupäivä on siis 28.6.06. DVD:tä voi tilata ennakkoon Levykauppa Äx:stä allaolevasta linkistä tai julkaisuviikon alusta lähtien merchandise osiosta.




The "10th Anniversary Live" concert

The "10th Anniversary Live" concert held last new years eve will be released as a DVD on 14.6.2006. The recording of the third studio album will begin in November of this year and the release hopefully occurs in and around the early February of 2007.

The band apologises the failure to launch the Messageboard despite several attempts. There has been some server issues preventing the proper function of the Messageboard. At the moment the bands schedule is so overwhelming and tight, that the band has to focus on the writing of the new songs and in the upcoming concerts held this spring and summer rather than focus on the problem with the messageboard.

In addition many have asked "why the band's not coming to play there" and "why aren't any of the concerts held at this place" and the band wishes to remind that Ensiferum doesn't choose where they want to play. The fact is that the organisors / promoters of festivals and concerts give their concert offers to our booking agency who in turn forward them to us.



New mini-cd

The release date (15.2.2006) of the new mini-cd is getting closer.

You can preorder the CD, but the delivery starts not earlier than Wednesday 15.2. The first edition will include a "Dragonheads" -sticker inside, which will not be included in the latter issues. In addition, when you order any item from the Merchandise section, you will sent a Dragonheads-sticker as an extra.

The offer lasts as long as there is stickers around. There are also some new additions (new merchandise) in the "Merchandise" section, so be sure to check them out.



The 10th Anniversary Celebration concert

Ensiferum thanks everyone who attended the 10th Anniversary Celebration concert. If everything goes according our plans, the DVD of that gig will be released at June or July 2006.

The recording of the third Studio Album begins next fall and the release of that album occurs at the end of this year, at the earliest.