Ensiferum's new mini-CD "Dragonheads" is completed even down to it's mastering. The mini-CD was recorded and mixed last November at Sonic Pump Studios by Nino Laurenne and mastered by Mika Jussila from Finnvox.

Dragonheads contains six tracks:

1. Dragonheads
2. Warrior's Quest
3. Kalevala Melody
4. White Storm
5. Into Hiding
6. Finnish Medley:
- Karjalan Kunnailla - Myrskyluodon Maija - Metsämiehen Laulu

Spinefarm Records has announced that the release date for "Dragonheads" is 15.2.2006



X-Mass Tour 2 cancelled

"X-Mass Tour 2" where Ensiferum were to perform is cancelled because the headlining band Morbid Angel cancelled their appearance in that paticular tour. So Ensiferum had no chance to influence the decision that the tour was entirely canceled. The preliminary schedule indicates that the next Ensiferum tour will begin in March of 2006.




Nosturissa järjestettävän uudenvuoden 10-vuotis-juhlakonsertin liput tulevat myyntiin tämän kuun puolivälissä. Lippuja voi kysellä osoitteista www.lippupalvelu.fi sekä www.tiketti.fi . Alustavien suunnitelmien mukaan keikka taltioidaan myös tulevaa DVD-julkaisua varten.



The 10-year anniversary concert

The tickets for the New Years Eve 10-year anniversary concert held at the Nosturi (Helsinki, Finland) are available in the middle of this month. Check the availability of the tickets from www.lippupalvelu.fi or www.tiketti.fi . There is also early plans that the concert will be filmed for the upcoming DVD release.



Konsertti siirretty

21.10.2005 järjestettävä konsertti Raision Music Baarissa on siirretty Turkuun TVO:lle teknisistä ongelmista johtuen. Ennakkoon hankitut liput käyvät myös TVO:lla.

The concert that occurs in 21.10.2005 at the Raisio Music Bar has been transfered to Turku at TVO due to technical problems. The tickets that have been sold in advance to Raisio Music Bar will also be accepted in TVO.



Janne Parviainen

As some of you may have already noticed, there's been a new man behind the drums at the live concerts during the past six months. Janne Parviainen has been substituting for Oliver Fokin and is now a steady member. The main reason for this change in the band was that there were too many differences of interests.

On a happier note, Metal Hammer magazine's website has included us to it's "Meet & Greet" section, which let's the readers and fans ask questions directly to the band via message board.

Look into it by visiting: http://www.hammer-mag.de/ha_forum/viewforum.php?f=24



ICS Festival Service GmbH

Ensiferum is proud to present its new booking agency for European concerts:
ICS Festival Service GmbH

There are few additions in the "Merchandise" section. Now you can find Ensiferum "beer" -theme T-Shirt, a "Logo" T-Shirt and Longsleeve, "Sword & Axe" -Sleeve Patch and "Sword & Axe" -Back Patch.

The earlier mentioned mini-cd will be recorded at Sonic Pump studios in Helsinki.

The third studio album is scheduled to be recorded in the summer of 2006.

For our Spanish fans: Ensiferum has been looking for a way to somehow compensate the canceled concerts in Spain. However the band has very little control where the play, so the band asks for the fans to have patience.



Tale Of Reveng

The selling of the CD-single "Tale Of Revenge" has ended. No more copies available in the "Merchandise" section.




The next November Ensiferum will go to record a mini-cd, which will include one new song and few new recordings of old demosongs. Also couple of traditional Finnish folk covers will be recorded there for the mini-cd. The Mini-cd will be released in the beginning of 2006.



Graspop Festival

The gig at Graspop Festival 26.6.2005 in Belgium is cancelled, because the concert wasn't ever booked. The band was misinformed by the management.

Good news! The selling of the demoalbum "1997-1999" has started once again for a limited time, because there is still a few hundred copies left.




Ensiferum thank the fans for the succesful concerts and also hugely apologises for the technical difficulties which lead to the cancellation of two shows in the tour. These difficulties had nothing to do with the band, and therefore replacement concerts are scheduled to be arranged in the fall of 2005.




Ensiferum.Com has stopped the selling of the special collectors demoalbum "1997-1999".



The merchandise e-mail

The merchandise e-mail address has been changed. The new address is ensiferumshop@yahoo.com




Ensiferum's newest CD release "1997-1999" is available now. ATTENTION! On sale only in this website and Ensiferum gigs for a limited time only (for as long as there are copies available). Not available in any other stores or retailers! "1997-1999" includes three of Ensiferum's demos, total of twelve tracks with their original sound. Also the booklet features pictures of the original cover arts.

"Iron" T-shirts and longsleeves and also Ensiferum wristbands have been added to the "Merchandise"-section.

Pictures and other information of the new bassplayer Sami Hinkka can now be found in the "Band"-section.




Ensiferum.com business e-mails is experiencing some technical difficulties and does not work properly. Also the Message Board is still under construction. However the problems are being solved and hoped to be corrected ASAP. So if you're having trouble to get your merchandise orders, interview requests and concerts offers sent, or you don't get replys about them, please contact the e-mail address supermahi@hotmail.com.

There will be three new items no later than February 2005:
"Iron" shirts (T-Shirts and Longsleeves), wristbands (thin and wide shape) and also a limited edition of Ensiferum "1997-1999" -CD, which includes all three demos (total of 12 tracks with original sounds) and the leaflet features pictures of all the original demo covers.