Jukka-Pekka Miettinen

Ensiferum regretfully announces, that the bassplayer Jukka-Pekka Miettinen has resigned from the band for personal reasons. He doesn't have time for Ensiferum anymore. Miettinen will play in the two last gigs this year in X mass festival 18.12.2004 in Holland and 19.12.2004 in Belgium. A new bass player is found for Ensiferum. Bass will be played by Sami Hinkka.



Petri Lindroos

It is confirmed that Petri Lindroos (from Norther) will be a steady member in Ensiferum. He will be a vocalist and a guitarist in the band. We'll add some pictures of him later on.



New gigs

There is few new confirmed gigs in the "Tour Info"-section. The updates for the "Messageboard" and the "Gallery" sections are unfortunately still post-poned to a later date. Any changes will be immediately posted. Some new products will probaply be added to the "merchandise" section later this year.




Ensiferum's second album "Iron" is in stores now. However, there is no album releasing in some countries so if you cannot find the album, ask it from the distributor or your local record dealer.

Ensiferum hasn't yet found a new singer-guitarist, but Petri Lindroos (Norther) has been negotiating with the band if he'd stay as a regular member in the band. It is certain though that Petri is doing the Ensiferum concerts this year.

On the section "Merchandise" there has been some modifications to clarify the ordering instructions.




Due to the decision of record companies and distributors the release date of Ensiferum's new album "Iron" varies in countries outside Finland. Ensiferum has got nothing to do with the delay. According to our information the album is released no later than in July 2004.

Confirmed summer 2004 gigs in Finland:

3.6. Tavastia, Helsinki
25.6. Nummirock-festival, Nummijärvi
16.7. Tuska-festival, Helsinki




Ensiferum's new album "Iron" release date in Finland is April 19th.

NOTE: European release date is May 17th. The post-poning of the European release date has nothing to do with Ensiferum.




Downloads -section; Samples available.



Tale of Revenge

The official release date of ”Tale of Revenge” cd single is 22.03.2004 but it is already available today! The cd single contains two songs: ”Tale of Revenge” and ”Battery” (Metallica cover). There is a picture of the front cover in the ”Releases” section.



Replacement member

Ensiferum hasn’t yet found a replacement member/members for Jari. However a stand in has been found for the European tour. Vocals and guitars are played by Norther’s Petri Lindroos.

The release of the album ”Iron” is sadly been postponed to a later date. Now the album will be released 19.4.2004. Spinefarm records is not defering the release date on purpose like many seem to think so! The reason for this is that the album hasn’t been mastered yet! Deviating from earlier information the album is going to be mastered at Finnvox studios in Finland. After the mastering there will be some samples of the new album in our website. You can find them in the ”downloads” section. There will also be samples from the first album.

On the compilation album ”Spinetingler III” there’s a new Ensiferum song ”Tale of Revenge” which was completed before the other songs. You can listen a sample of it already by going to www.spinefarm.net/metal. Ther’ll also be a single of the song Tale of Revenge. The release date of the single is announced to be 22.3.2004.

The updating of this website has been slow because Ensiferum is busy in getting ready for the upcoming European tour and they’re also busy in finishing their second album. Now there’s some new updates like the song index of ”Iron” in the ”releases” section, the pictures of the merchandise and the tour info on the Ensiferum-Finntroll European tour in the ”tour section”.



Jari Mäenpää

Ensiferum announces with a sad heart that our singer/guitarist Jari Mäenpää has been given notice of resignation and is no longer a member of Ensiferum. The reason why this happened is that Jaris solo project (Wintersun) is a priority in Jaris musical interests. If Jari had stayed in the band would Ensiferum had to cancel their most important (European)tour with Finntroll which starts in April soon after the release of the second album. Also the other touring would have been decreased to minimal which would lead to the boredom and eventual break up in the band. The search for the replacement of Jari has already begun.

You can read Jari's farewell statement here