Tough times

Ensiferum is going through tough times this year. That’s why the new album is delayed and it’s also one of the reasons why the updating of this site has been experiencing technical difficulties.

The new Ensiferum album is in its mastering stage. After that the new album ”Iron” is ready to be released. Unfortunately the release date is going to be delayed to 5.4.2004. Ensiferum reminds that they are not pleased with the postponing of the release date.

On a happier note, this site has some new updates for you to look in to. So we strongly suggest that you do that.




On Sunday, October 19, 2003, 9 pm Central European Time, the second radioshow of The Metal Observer on Air, German edition will be aired at www.radiofabrik.at

We will play Hero In A Dream by ENSIFERUM




Finally SFTP -works as it should work. Updated the whole site.